Friday, March 24, 2006

Well, I've added the Kyoku Shodan kata, the Enpi Take kata, and "Hanshi's 12". Unfortunately, my mom doesn't want me continuing participating in Karate lessons over the summer, because I'm going on a missions trip with my Church that she wants me to go on (even though I don't want to), which means I won't get to learn the two new kata. AND the Doshinkan Hanshi is going to Pieory, Illinois (which is quite close because I live near Saint Louis, Missouri) from April 24-26, but my mom doesn't want me to go to that either because "it costs too much money and I don't want you using your money that you've been saving up, and I don't want you skipping school for Karate"... I cannot express in words how true that there is no limit to fulfill my need for venting. *Sigh* (No really, I sighed.) So, I suppose I'm going to learn from the internet and library books. I hope there are kata in the books at the nearest library. If not, I suppose I'll just perform the techniques for the image site and post with every few collections of moves, along with commentary or tips. Also, any time I find a really good book on Karate, I'll post it so you know which books are helpful. Buh... bye. (I sighed again! Good for me, huh?!)

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