Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March 15th, 2006

Karatedo practices are almost over. :( BTW, everyone, Doshinkan Dojos are where I take classes, and they are very good teachers. Apparently, they are much better than Shotokan. We have learned the Doshinkan versions of Kyoku Shodan and Enpi Take, and my Renshi (Dan Barham) taught us a trick to remember the layout of Kyoku Shodan. My next post will be the layout and trick to remembering the Kyoku Shodan kata, and the next will be Enpi Take. I will soon get some pictures up on http://www.putfile.com/germanchakra that will show the moves needed in order to execute the katas. IMHO, it's much better to learn from a Sensei than to learn on the internet, not that you can't learn it on the net, but having someone right there by you teaching you is so much easier.

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