Saturday, March 18, 2006


Disclaimer: First off, I'm not sure if a disclaimer is even needed on the internet. When in doubt, give the disclaimer. This is for reference purposes only. If you practice, you're practicing at your own risk! By learning from this website, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for any damages you or someone else may cause because of your quest for knowledge. This style of learning is not necessarily for everyone - you may not be a good learner by reading, but I am not deciding anything for you, and I am not promising you will learn it. It is possible that you are dumb, but do not assume I'm calling you that. Do not continue unless you fully agree with all of these terms. Do not take these kata from this website and put it on yours without taking full responsibility or giving a disclaimer where the reader can see the disclaimer clearly. If you copy the kata description word-for-word, leave a link to this blog in a font at least as big as a "font size=3" font size and within the same text as the kata. If you do otherwise, you're breaking the law because you're breaking this agreement and stealing. I hope this covers everything. The last part of this disclaimer is: you must use common sense when practicing these kata. Do not do anything that you don't have experience in! Make sure you practice in an vastly open area only! Give yourself at least 20 feet by 20 feet worth of available free space! You are practicing at YOUR own risk! And no, I'm not a teacher.

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